Be Nice To Our Servers Please =)

Hey Gurls …

We understand that you want to expose your naughty slut selves … It’s one of the reasons we made the site, and we love that about you sissies!

But some sissies have uploaded tons–even hundreds–of pics to their profiles in a matter of days! Way too much, gurls. Sorry. There’s a reason most sites only allow you a handful of profile pics … they take a ton of server space . We want to be extra generous to all our sissies, but we’re not a big business and we don’t have the funds yet to buy that level of server service. =(

We want you to keep exposing your sexy sissy selves, just please be thoughtful for the community. Here’s some tips that will help us, and the site, a lot…..

  • If ya have tons of pics in your profile, prune them down to your fave 5-10 or so at a time.
  • When you get more pics share them in a group or the exposure stream instead of your profile. Just not tons of them at once. Spread your fabulous freaky glory out over time … that’s better anyway because it keeps Men coming back for more!
  • Please don’t post tons of super similar almost identical pics from a series. Pick the best to share from the series. The Men deserve your best, don’t they? 😉
  • Please consider showing real support for the community by becoming a VIP now. If enough of you do that then maybe down the road we can upgrade and have all the space our sissy hearts could ever want to share all our naughty exposure pics!

If you keep these in mind it will help make the community grow into something fabu for all of us.

Thanks for understanding!


-Sissy Admin

By SissySlutAdmin1

I'm the site administrator. Got a question? Just ask. =)

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