Hey Hey Hey, Sluts!

Consider this the launch of a whole New and improved!

We have a bunch of exciting updates for you AND we are asking you to help take Sissy Sluts to a new level. Here it goes, gurls . . .


We got on our slutty knees and begged FagMaster to let us make the site totally free — and He agreed!

To thank Him and to make sure it stays free, we REALLY need to show Him we that sissies are the best kind of faggots and know how to show Real gratitude to Real Men like Him! So please, sissies, remember to buy lots and lots of things from His, and support our porn partners that advertise on the site.

Oh, and don’t forget to show gratitude and . . .


None of us Sissies here are good writers, and we reallllly need some writers to dust the tumble-weeds off our blog and make it fabulous! No pay, but it’s a great opportunity to find or grow your own fan following because FagMaster says if He likes a post he’ll reblog it on His BDSMLR blog (which has thousands of followers)!

We’d LOVE to have a regular “Ask Sissy” type of series, IF you have a lot of experience living the Sissy life.

But we’re open to publishing all kinds of posts about the Sissy Life, opinion, tips, tricks, and even fiction!

So how do you submit your writing? Glad ya asked, hun! Because . . .


Here’s the New Forums . . .

Sissy Non-Fiction

This is where you can submit things for the blog that are non-fiction, like opinion, tips, how-tos, or even true life sissy slut stories.

We’re going to put some PROMPTS in there for ideas you can write about if you want!

Sissy Fiction

Share those fabulous slutty fantasies! We might just publish those on the blog too!

Ask A Sissy

This is for Sissies to ask questions of other Sisses! So remember to share your wisdom, more experienced Sissies! Newer Sluts need you!

Ask An Alpha

This one’s for Sissies to ask questions that only a Real Man can answer! No, it’s NOT the place to ask them if they want a blowjob! You naughty slut! lol

Did you know that you can create your own polls in the forums? You can! =)~


Master has been gracious enough to have this site made just for Sissy Sluts like us, and the Real Men who enjoy using or humiliating us. And He’s let all of us do prettymuch what we want with it.

So we all REALLY need take better advantage of this than we have, don’t you think? He’s talking about selling it!! We need to prove to Him that we’re worthy to continue!

So help us grow by sharing and spreading on BDSMLR! (Start by sharing this post pretty please). Be active here on the website—not just with your own stuff, but by responding to other Sissies.

Let’s take to a new level, together, sluts!

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I'm the site administrator. Got a question? Just ask. =)

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