It’s Launch Time Gurls and MEN!

Hey hey sissy bitches and Superior Real Men …

Our little faggy clits are tingling with excitement to announce that is now open for member registration!

Our goal is to create the very best online community JUST for Sissy faggots and Men who “appreciate” sissy faggots … with vicious mockery! We sissies just loooooove exposing ourselves to the mockery of Real Men, right?

We really want this to become a special community driven by the members. Here’s some of what we got goin’ on so far …


Profiles & Member Messaging

Duh! Gotta have those. And it’s unlimited messaging btw.


One extra cool thing here is the ability to create polls.

Another is that as you post more you gain reputation points that everyone sees. Down the road we plan to have special rewards for top posters!


We actually like to think of them as Clubs. We created a few and you can easily create your own too, and then invite whoever you want to join. You can make them public or private if ya want.

Chat Room

Fun fun!


Nothing really going on here yet, but we’re planning some fun quizzes and stuff. Also we’re looking for Sissy Slut contributors, so hit us up!


We have left almost everything on the site free to access for the time being, and maybe for good depending on how supportive the community proves to be *hint hint* 😉

The only areas we have restricted are …

The Member Directory

We thought that best as an extra layer of privacy since we know many fellow sissies are in the closet about being nasty, naughty, sluts.

The Exposure Stream

This is an activity stream that we envision becoming the main place to expose yourself with pics, and be watched/mocked by Alphas. You can still share pics on your private profile stream, or in groups. But only Men who are looking at your profile or members of your group will see them. But with the exposure stream … everyone sees them! And all group posts show up there too.

A single location for all your exposure needs! ;)~

Better yet, an IM feature is available on the Exposure stream that also has a minified version of the chat room. So you can expose yourself, see who’s watching, chat with them in real time AND basically be in the chatroom at the same time.

Oh … did we mention that your posts can be voted up or down? Yes indeedy!

Whatcha Waiting For?

Join up! Also, we won’t be paying for advertising because we’re all about creating a special community here, so spread the word to other Sissies and Alphas on BDSMLR and wherever else.



We’ll have more updates soon. This is our “soft” launch so you may find loose ends and that. Don’t have a hissy fit if you do. ;)~

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