Here are some rules to keep the community safe and fabulous. Please read!


1. Spam, troll, or do/advocate/solicit/discuss anything illegal. That includes anything related to offering, or soliciting, escort services or drugs. And of course anything to do with minors. .

2. Share images that aren’t you’re own or that you’re not authorized to share.

3. TYPE IN ALL CAPS. That’s just irritating. 

4. Engage in any “blackmail” fetish. Even if just fantasy, it can get a site in trouble.

5. Preach P.C. “gender politics.” GAG! This is a sissy slut site, not a “trans activist” site.

6. Add more than 3 Profile Pics if you’re a free member, 7 if you’re a paying member. You can share more pics in the groups or Activity Stream, tho. =)


1. Take ownership of the community. is all about becoming what YOU make it. 

2. Let us know if anyone is breaking the rules. We rely on you to help us moderate and keep the community cool. 

3. Add a profile pic, and complete your profile … Please! =)

4. Tell other sissies and Alphas about us and invite them to join! We don’t do paid ads and want this to be a word-of-mouth community so it will attract quality members, like you!

5. Consider becoming a VIP member. For Just $5.97 a month you keep us going and growing into the bestest, sluttiest sissy community anywhere! You also get access to special VIP areas! It’s not auto re-billed, and it will show up discreetly on your statement as a charge from DP Media, LLC.

6. If you’re a sissy be nice to other sissies.

7. Have fun!


Please see our Terms of Service for the more extensive rules that Big Brother makes every website have.

We are a proud supporters of the Free Speech Coalition