The Journey Of A Thousand Loads

If you’re new to the sissy slut life and sometimes feel like becoming a total SLUT that lives to suck any Cock and swallow every Load of Cum you can intimidates you, take heart.

We all have to start somewhere.

Just remember …



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5 thoughts on “The Journey Of A Thousand Loads

  • SissyPaulGreenwell

    Love being a total slut

  • pattyswank

    the first load , I was dressed in ex wife’s satin sleep robe,which was about 8 inches above my knees,and was wearing a pair of her shimmery tan dance tights. I went to a roadside park, where there were always lots of cock hanging out. as I got out of the car, I walked over to a pavilion where two guys were sitting on a picnic table, seemed to be talking.
    I went to opposite end and just as I sat down, one guy left, and the other guy motioned for me to come over. I was a bit scared,but he soon made me feel comfy with him.
    as we talked, she stood up, and pulled his pants down, and reached around my head, and gently pushed my face down on his hard cock. It was just a bit bigger than average. but it was so sexy the way things were going. he was rubbing my ex wifes satiny top gently as he pumped slowly into my mouth. it felt so good as he felt the softness. now I knew how sensuous it felt as a woman to wear this and having sex. I even thought about my pretty ex wife as my mouth dripped with my wetness and his pre cum. he was feeling good, and as he slowly pulled y head up and down I heard him moan. I felt his balls pull up to my chin. it was overwhelming. I held his butt and pulled tight against him. he groaned and unloaded his balls into my mouth. he very gently pulled out of my slippery cum filled mouth. he quickly told me not to swallow it yet. as I stood there in ex wifes outfit, he knelt down and rubbed my hosed legs , up and down ankle to top. he stood up after about a minute, and buckeled himself up slowly, and then told me I could swallow. he said to tell my wife/girl friend that he loved her satin top, and pantyhose. and if I ever needed someone to fuck her to call him. giving me his number. I was so turned on by then, I went back to my car and had to jack off. I was now totally convinced that a slut was definitely my new lifestyle. I never called the number, and never told my ex. but, have been a sissy boy ever since. and yes, she eventually caught me in her clothes , and left me for a real man.

  • abcd1638

    A mi me gusta hacerlo sin ropas, pero tambien lo hice con lenceria con amigas similares, lo disfruto totalmente porque en la intimidad una demuestra lo perra que es y lo bien que una se siente colo una hembra de verdad

  • sissybitch1029

    it was hot day in aug we wore short shorts in the 70’s i was always horny at that age . i was shy and not good with girls but i saw that men seemed to pay attn to me .i found hitch hiking was a way to meet older men . they would stop and pick me up. we would make small talk and i would spreed my legs a little soon his hands would be on my smooth thighs. asking if i had a girl friend would say no . i would open my legs more and his hand would travel up to my dick that was hard now. we would park some where and i would rub his crotch while he would rub my ass and tell me how beautiful i was had long hair then too i gave my 1st bj that day and never looked back

  • Natalie

    Wish I could figure out how to get all of these nasty men to message me.

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